Most pictures start when I see something that startles me into silence because of its beauty.

The peace and wonder I feel are replaced by a strong desire to share that moment. Much of today’s art invites us to consider searing emotions, political commentary, the dire realities of the human condition. It is an important undertaking which I applaud. My goal is different. I recently found a phrase in a poem by Mary Oliver that says what I want: My pictures are intended to be “an invitation to happiness." Light, color, intricacies of shape and design invite us to remember that happiness is also part of this life. We feel it whenever we remember. — Sherry Adams Foster

Sherry took her first art class when she was 34 at Dondero High School in Royal Oak. She soon moved from oil to watercolor and took many classes in drawing, watercolor and printmaking at the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center. Workshops with master artists across the state have increased her skill and enthusiasm. She is a Signature member of the Michigan Watercolor Society, a member of the Birmingham Society of Women Painters and a member artist at the Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan.